Our expert staff of specialists range from a certified herbalist, personal fitness trainer, health coaches, and others who have dedicated their lives to a healthy lifestyle. At Total Health you have a health supplement store and natural health clinic with personal service and professional guidance. We want help teach each of our clients and customers the keys they need to know in order to live the life they were designed to live out.

At Total Health, we are serious about good health

If you are ready and willing to achieve improvement in your overall health and well being;

If you have had blood work that was within normal ranges, but still do not feel well;

If you are on medication or supplements, but your condition has not improved;

If you have any of the indications below

High cholesterol
Poor cardiovascular health
Weight gain
Digestive relative issues
Lack of concentration
Blood sugar imbalance
Poor overall health
Aches & pains in the joints or muscles

What solutions do we offer you?

We have made the retail experience as easy as possible when shopping with us. When you shop at Total Health Nutrition Center you can be assured that you will never find any products with GMO's ,artificial colors or flavors. Whenever possible we obtain independent lab assays on the products we carry to verify purity and truth in labeling.

There is a wide array of services and complementary therapies. In our clinic, we are committed to providing our clients the highest quality nutritionally based whole food supplements and dietary guidance. Our purpose at Total Health Nutrition Center is to positively impact each individual by promoting restoration and maintenance of health, safely and naturally through education and nutritional guidance.