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Total Health Nutrition Center, the area’s authority in high quality nutritional products and services. At Total Health you will find only high quality supplement lines that have been lab assayed and determined to be reputable before being brought into our store.

At Total Health you’ll find: Vitamins, Herbs, Teas, Sport Supplements, Homeopathics, Health Foods, Books, Personal Care, Men & Women’s natural health care products, bulk nuts and seeds, weight management products, items for specialized diets and much more. Combine all that with an expert staff of sales associates ranging from a certified herbalist, personal fitness trainers, a natural health consultant, and others who have dedicated their lives to a healthy lifestyle, and you have a health supplement store with personal service and professional guidance.

Upcoming Seminars

Often times weight management issues can go hand in hand with sub-optimal thyroid function. In this informative workshop, you will hear things that will likely be new to you, such as, why your blood work may look normal yet you are still experiencing thyroid like syptoms. Why you may have trouble losing weight even though you "eat right" and exercise. Hear the answers to these, and many more intriguing questions at this free weight loss and thyroid workshop.

Date: Thursday, April 17th
Location: Menomonee Falls
Time: 6PM
Cost: Free
Presenter: Marty Johnson, DHM.
Please call to register as space is limited: 262-251-8543
or Register Online

Could toxins built up in your body be the cause of many of your health concerns?

  • Fatigue
  • Joint Pain
  • Obesity
  • Headaches
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Constipation
  • Allergies
  • Lower back pain

All are Possible Warning signs of a toxic liver and digestive system.

  • Learn how you can improve your health by purging your system of harmful toxins and the natural clinical approach we take at Total Health
  • It is not uncommon for our clients to lose 10 to 20 Pounds during a 2 to 3 week period as a result of a detoxification program

Date: Thursday, May 15th
Location: Menomonee Falls
Time: 6PM
Cost: Free
Presenter: Kristine Stein
Please call to register as space is limited: 262-251-8543
or Register Online


Healthy & Green


for the

Home and Family


Are you concerned about toxicity that you & your family may be exposed to from household cleaning & personal care items? Have you ever wanted to create your own natural & green items but thought it might be a hassle or take too much time? If so, this is the class for you! Kristine Stein, Certified Herbalist & Wellness Practitioner of Total Health Nutrition Center will provide you with practical, easy, do-it-yourself info to keep you & your family healthy by identifying & avoiding toxic materials that may be in your home. We have combined three classes into one convenient weekend class.

First we will identify & discuss 10 toxic chemicals & metals found in the home & how they affect health & the environment. You will also be provided with a sample goodie bag that contains alternative cleaning & body care items to try in the home.

Kristine will present healthy & green alternative products as well as simple & easy do-it-yourself recipes that you can create for you & your family. Information on “must have” ingredients to have in the home and where to find these ingredients & supplies will also be provided. Solutions on how to stay proactive in maintaining good health & minimizing toxic exposure will be shared.

Lastly we will discuss healthy & green products in addition to do-it-yourself recipes to create items for children & pets.

Please bring 2-3 cleaning and/or body care items that you use on a regular basis.

WHERE: Total Health Nutrition Center – Community Room

WHEN: Saturday, May 17th 11AM-2PM

COST: $67.00 per person*

*Come to my free Detoxification & Weight Loss seminar on Thursday, May 15th from 6PM-7PM & receive $15.00 off of the Saturday class!
Please call Total Health at 262-251-2929 to register.

Date: Saturday, May 17th
Location: Menomonee Falls
Time: 11AM
Cost: see seminar description for details
Presenter: Kristine Stein
Please call to register as space is limited: 262-251-8543
or Register Online