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Total Health Nutrition Center, the area’s authority in high quality nutritional products and services. At Total Health you will find only high quality supplement lines that have been lab assayed and determined to be reputable before being brought into our store.

At Total Health you’ll find: Vitamins, Herbs, Teas, Sport Supplements, Homeopathics, Health Foods, Books, Personal Care, Men & Women’s natural health care products, bulk nuts and seeds, weight management products, items for specialized diets and much more. Combine all that with an expert staff of sales associates ranging from a certified herbalist, personal fitness trainers, a natural health consultant, and others who have dedicated their lives to a healthy lifestyle, and you have a health supplement store with personal service and professional guidance.

Upcoming Seminars

This popular seminar will addreess the topics of Thyroid and Weight loss.

Do you experience any of these symptoms:

Weight loss resistance
Life altering low energy
Sudden Weight Gain
Hair Loss
Dry Skin and or flimsy nails
Hot Flashes
Trouble sleeping
Premature wrinkles

If this is you, find real answers to:

Why you have narmal blood work and still have symptoms

Why 80% of thyroid symptoms are autoimmune related, and why most doctors do not test for them

How you may have a condition," Reverse-T3 Dominance" that can be revealed by a simple test

Why you may not be able to lose weight despite diet and exercise.

Seating is limited, so we encourage you to sign up today for this informative 90 minute workshop

Date: Thursday, July 17th
Location: Menomonee Falls
Time: 6PM
Cost: Free
Presenter: Marty Johnson, DHM.
Please call to register as space is limited: 262-251-8543
or Register Online

This informative seminar will cover aspects of weight loss and fatigue you've likley never heard before.

We will address why you may be weight loss resistant inspite of your very best efforts with diet and exercise, and how that resistance can be broken.

We will also do some myth busting in regard to what you may have been told about wise food choices.

You'll also learn about Total Health's unique approach to balance health.

Don't miss this exciting and informative free seminar

Date: Thursday, July 31st
Location: Menomonee Falls
Time: 6PM
Cost: Free
Presenter: Kristine Stein
Please call to register as space is limited: 262-251-8543
or Register Online