History of Total Health Nutrition Center

Our mission is to provide the education, support, and facilities that can lead to transforming people’s health and lives physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Our Expansion Over 27 Years
Total Health has grown its mission from its humble beginning in 1991 as a small 1,000 square foot retail store in Menomonee Falls to a full clinic established in 2001. Clinic growth really took off with the move to a 5,500 square foot state of the art facility featuring a retail store and a clinic. Plus, a conference room to deliver educational seminars in Menomonee Falls. Employment grew from just 3 clinic employees to 4 practitioners and 3 support staff members.

Opening New Berlin Store and Clinic
Our recent expansion in 2018 is spreading our mission even further to the New Berlin and surrounding areas. We have a new facility located on the corner of Moorland and National Ave. This beautiful facility features a full 2,000 square foot health supplement retail store, along with a clinic that offers many natural health services. 


Owner Marty Johnson’s Story
Opening Total Health Nutrition Center 


Listen in as you hear how Marty Johnson started his health transformation over 25 years ago,
and why he is so passionate about giving as many people the hope of better health too.


Marty .jpgI was really into body building in my early 20’s. I realized if I really wanted to be successful in it, I needed to figure out other ways to improve my health and recovery time. So I started researching and learning about nutritional supplements and dietary changes. I became so passionate about it that I started giving advice to people both older and younger than me at the gym. Eventually I decided my career path would be to open my own natural health food store.

Opening Total Health Nutrition Store in Menomonee Falls
I opened Total Health Nutrition store in 1991. I spent 10 years in the retail environment. I saw great results with giving people advice on different supplements to take based on their symptoms. However, I wanted to dig deeper into finding the root causes as to why people were getting sick in the first place. So I went back to school and got a degree in holistic medicine. I then had a lot of knowledge, but realized I still needed the right tools to test a person to find how health conditions started in the first place. So I went to Clearwater, FL for specialized studies in kinesiology. This form of testing could provide even more information than blood work.

Becoming Chronically Sick
What really drove my passion for helping other people is while completing my studies in Clearwater, FL, I became chronically sick with extreme muscle fatigue. I was not only tired, but also barely had the muscle strength to stand up and get through the day. Fear started to enter into my mind and heart. I thought how could I pursue my dream of helping other people live a better life when my health and life were crumbling. I was worried I would have to sell my business, and I was even more concerned with taking care of my family. My life was in despair. Then, one day my professor, who taught holistic medicine and also had a full client practice, noticed I wasn’t looking so good. He offered to do some testing on me that we would be learning about that week. I found out I had heavy metal, mercury toxicity effecting my heart. Hope increased in my mind. I decided I was going to do whatever my professor suggested to detox the metals. It was a long journey, but I eventually got my life and my hope back. I can now work 12 hours a day, and still go home and play tennis with my daughter or do yard work. I got a second lease on life.

My Passion for Helping Others
A lot of people I consult with, have gone to a lot of medical doctors without finding the root cause of their health issues. It gives me great joy to look them in the eye when they are almost in tears and tell them “there are things you haven’t tried, and there is hope and life beyond what you are struggling with.” This is my passion, and what drives me to do what I do.

Total Health’s Team of Practitioners

DSC00962.JPGWith the recent opening of the New Berlin retail store and clinic, Total Health Nutrition Center now has around 18 employees company wide. We have an outstanding team of practitioners and therapists that have a passion and dedication to helping people improve their health so they can have a better quality of life. Their passion and care goes deeper than just treating the body. They truly care about each person’s life, and the challenges they face that may have led to their health imbalance.

Our Team’s Experience
Our team has experience in the naturopathic holistic healing arts spanning over 27 years. Our philosophy in client care is based on a team effort. Amongst our practitioners there is a wide range of expertise ranging from Doctor of Holistic Medicine, Certified Herbalist, Certified Neurofeedback Practitioners, Masters in Clinical Nutrition, Licensed Acupuncture, Massage and Physical Therapist. When a person is working with one of our practitioners, the wisdom of our entire team goes into solving their health issue.

Our business model is based on a concept of (C.N.E.I) Constant never ending improvement. Because of this our practitioners are receiving training on new ideas and concepts from experts around the country. 

Making a Difference
Over the years our practitioners have had great success with helping people overcome and improve health conditions ranging from thyroid, autoimmune, fatigue, digestion issues, migraines, insomnia and much more. It is a joy to see people go from feeling there is no hope in handling their health issues to realizing they don’t have to settle for answers like, “you are just getting old and you should expect more symptoms,” or “you are just stressed and the way you feel is due to your mind set or depression.” We have helped many people who have been told, “your blood work or lab test are normal and there is nothing we can find wrong with you.”