Success Stories

Elizabeth Bisswurm

5 stars (Facebook Review)

I have been a client for years and have experienced quite a transformation in my health. Marty Johnson possesses immense knowledge on topics my regular MDs knew nothing about (heavy metal toxicity and detox challenges being my main issues). The entire staff here is very friendly and knowledgeable. I consider Total Health Nutrition Center an excellent resource and a much-needed support system for my health and wellbeing.

Mary Schroeder 

5 stars (Facebook Review)

I have been going here for over two years. My mom brought me here after I was in the hospital for six days. I was diagnosed with a hepatic blood clot; a clot to the liver,. Diabetes, and fatty liver. I am now not diabetic, blood clot gone, and no more fatty liver. They are great helping with diet, exercise, and supplements. They explain things and listen to everything because they connect it all together. Still need to go and work on something but I couldn't have done it without them! They are a wonderful supportive team.

Jena Ann

5 stars (Google Review)

Almost 3 years ago now, I had horrible fatigue, back pain, neck pain, chest pain, horrible stomach pain, migraines, pain in my neck, troubles sleeping, depression, and half the food I ate made everything worse. I couldn't function normal half the days of the week. My normal doctor just diagnosed me as having IBS. Total Health found what was actually wrong with my body (root problems not symptoms) and treated those problems with natural solutions. It took at least 6 months before I noticed significant changes. But, today I have no ongoing pain anymore and depression issues. I got my life back, thanks to Total Health Nutrition Center!

Marty is a great doctor who truly cares about his patients.

Renee T

5 stars (Google Review)

Incredible place. I found significant healing here. I now live out of state, but I still see them once a year and stay with my program through them. They are truly life savers.

Connie Hurley-Pronley  

5 stars (Facebook Review)

I have been going to Total Health for close to 10 years. Marty is so knowledgeable and really takes the time to address any issues you may have. I turned to him 10 years ago when I couldn't find answers for many symptoms I was experiencing due to an auto-immune disease. Those symptoms no longer exist and I have been able to manage my health for years under Marty's guidance. I am finding that new symptoms can occur with age and Marty has never failed to help me through each one. I feel great and will always turn to him when I need help with my health. My family has seen the results and now my dad, mom, sister, daughter and husband all depend on the team at Total Health to help with health issues. I highly recommend Martin Johnson and the team at Total Health!

Jennifer Crull

5 stars (Google Review)

Excellent care providers. Paige is one of their best! Very respectful of your needs and highly intuitive. If you're not getting answers where you are at medically take the time and make the investment in YOUR health. You're really the only one who can take care of you and you're definitely worth it!

Maggie Bultman 

5 stars (Google Review)

I’ve been seeing a practitioner at the Menomonee Falls clinic for close to 10 years and now go to the New Berlin Clinic as it’s closer to my home. As someone who has dealt with Lyme Disease and a thyroid auto immune disease I can say this Team has been instrumental in me regaining my health. They are extremely knowledgeable and actual care about you and your well-being. As someone who always wants to know “why” it’s been so refreshing and empowering to have a practitioner use immediate, non-invasive modalities to be able to give immediate feedback as to the cause of my ailments and what to do to fix it. I see my Total Health practitioner for all things health related (management of chronic diseases, colds/flu and other acute ailments, diet support/management, among others) and view my primary care Dr as secondary on my health care team as I get way more out of the team at total health. If you have any mystery health issues or have ever felt the traditional health system has failed you or there has to be more you can do than “live with it” or take pills you won’t regret engaging with this Team.

Ruth Tsakonas

5 stars (Google Review)

I have been working with Kristine over the last several years.

She is very knowledgeable and caring. They have helped me improve my overall health and well-being. I now have a deeper understanding of nutrition and self-care. I finally have the energy to keep up with my very active life. I love the entire staff. This is a great local business that improves the community.

Allie Grossman

5 stars  (Google Review)

After becoming increasingly more frustrated with conventional western medicine, I was looking for a more holistic, natural approach to health care, which I found at Total Health. The practitioners truly validated my concerns, took the time to address my questions and provided valuable feedback.

Cynthia Weber  

5 stars (Google Review)

I’ve been to many places concerning health and wellness. Total Health is the perfect name for this place. A Well rounded approach to health. The staff is professional and personable. As many services are available. I always feel welcomed when I enter the store searching for a product that I need. The clinic is perfect for me as I’ve been looking for answers to many of my health issues and haven’t had a lot of luck before with allopathic medicine. (As far as finding solutions to symptoms and root causes) With Total health I get answers that are logical. Applications and tools that I can apply to staying healthy not throwing a bandage on the issue at hand. Since I’ve been coming to the clinic my health has improved to a point where I feel confident that it only gets better from here. Knowing that we are all individuals with different needs and that attaining good health and good information isn’t black and white (a lot of grey areas). I decided it was time I took responsibility for my own well-being and not rely so heavily on conventional practices. I know patience is important and it’s getting healthier that’s important not just squelching symptoms but getting at the root cause. Getting sick didn’t happen overnight and getting healthy for sure doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the determination and discipline to work at it, and best of all getting to my health goals, so satisfying????. Thank you Total Health for providing me some tools and autonomy for acquiring better health.

Andrea McCall 

5 stars (Facebook Review)

I had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer when I felt the urge to find a team who would support me to stay strong through my treatments and help me pursue my goal of being healthy going forward when I received a recommendation of one of my nurses to visit Total Health. They have been overwhelmingly supportive through this process, targeting diet, supplements and lifestyle adjustments. Throughout my treatments my energy remained great and my bloodwork stayed stable. My Care Team at the Cancer Center always pointed out how well I was doing. I am now almost two years beyond my initial diagnosis and doing very well. I do go back to Total Health for checkups so my health needs can be monitored and supplements adjusted, if necessary. Overall, the team at Total Health is very caring and provides all the necessary elements to guide you to your healthy self. I will be forever grateful to have found them and would highly recommend their practice.

Alex Boese

5 stars (Google Review)

From my experiences with Total Health and Dr. Marty, I've been able to conquer existing symptoms to regain strength, vitality and overall well-being. Marty does a thorough job to identify the underlying problems with one’s own health to bring a valid solution forward.

Like anything, you get out what you put in. Total Health targets real issues with people and their health and it is up to you to commit to the natural healing process. By getting to the root of the problem of your symptoms, health issues get resolved without relying on surgeries or prescription drugs. It is in my opinion that the staff and Marty empower their patients to do their best to heal themselves with whole foods and the right foods to feed the body. Marty is also an educator. By going to Total Health, I've learned more about the human body and how it works as well as things my body has been going through. Marty has given me books and handouts to study in order to become educated and aware of current-day foods and tendencies. Each visit is a learning and powerful experience that has helped me get on the right track towards being healthy.

Wouldn't go anywhere else!