Licensed Professional Councelor

Licensed Professional Councelor


Therapist Jean Beauchesne provides assessments, psychosocial evaluations, and treatment plans with individuals, couples, and families, forming a preliminary impression of the nature of the disorder to establish working diagnosis(es).

Diagnosis may include depression, anxiety, mood disorders, adjustment disorders, personality disorders, substance related disorders, neurological and cognitive disorders, schizophrenia, and other psychotic disorders. She also helps clients with end of life situations.

Jean's Therapy Methods

Jean provides leadership and guidance using interventions that are eclectic in nature including cognitive-behavioral therapy, cognitive restructuring, couple’s therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, family therapy, play therapy, art therapy, supportive psychotherapy, motivational interviewing, psycho education, and trauma counseling. 

Clients/Patients are also educated in acknowledging their challenges, problem solving, applying the learned skills, de-escalation, and creating a plan for better mental health.

Why Total Health?

Picture1.pngAbout Jean Beauchesne, MS, LPC, NCC, CSAC
A Modern Transformation

Jean worked as the Senior Therapist in private practice, and as the Lead Therapist at a large mental health hospital, where she created and facilitated the Adult General Mental Health Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Program. Jean worked with primary school age children, elementary school age children, preadolescence and adolescence age children, adults, and senior citizens. She has also created and facilitated successful Early Recovery Skills groups, Relapse Prevention Groups, Anger Management Groups, and Pain Management Groups.

Jean treats every client/patient with the utmost dignity and respect in helping them acknowledge the presence of mental health and/or a substance related disorder/s. She does not follow a cookie cutter, one-size fits all approach. Jean creates individual treatment plans for each client/patient that will work for them exclusively. She is a holistic psychotherapist incorporating the mind, body, and soul as one, to create the best healthy life that you are willing to work towards.

Jean's practice, A Modern Transformation, is a great addition to help you achieve Total Health. 

Jean is available on Fridays at the Menomonee Falls location.