Personal Trainer

Why work with a Personal Trainer?

The purpose of working with a personal trainer is to help each individual achieve a higher quality of life and improve movement so they can continue to enjoy physical activities well into their retirement years. To achieve these goals, clients will use various stretching techniques to increase the flexibility and functionality of the body. Often times improved flexibility also helps to relieve common maladies such as lower back and knee pain. 

One of the main focal points of training is to increase the function and strength of all the core muscles which are weak. When the core is weak it can lead to improper movement patterns and eventual injury. 


What to Expect?

Each client will receive a customized exercise program that is designed for their specific level of fitness and body type in the first session. As clients continue to meet with their trainer, their fitness program will be altered over time as they are reassessed and variation is needed to challenge the body. As your trainer, Aaron will show you how to properly perform each exercise which is a crucial part of preventing injury and altered movement patterns.

Sessions will focus on the various stages of cardiovascular exercise and how to work through each stage. This process will allow each individual to receive the full benefit of such exercises as they slowly increase their cardiovascular fitness level for heart health and weight reduction.

personal-trainer-square.jpgWhy Total Health?

Aaron Weber is a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (CPR/AED Certified)

Due to his many years of experience in studying fitness and nutrition, he is able to recommend proper supplementation and nutrition to aid in muscle growth, help maintain joint health and comfort, reduce body fat, tone muscles, and help build a more functional physique for a better quality of life. Perhaps, most importantly physical fitness is critical to preventing many of today's most common chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. 

Aaron Weber is available for appointments at our New Berlin Location. 



The Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer: 


  • Learning in Private Setting 

  • Immediate Feedback on Exercise Form 

  • Personal Accountability 

  • Learning from Someone Experienced 

  • Customized Programs for Your Needs 

  • The Chance to Ask Questions