Do you feel “wired and tired,” unmotivated, irritable, mentally foggy, have a low sex drive, or suffer with flat arches and easily pulled muscles? Today’s always-on, hyper-connected, and highly stressed world can affect people in a variety of ways. Believe it or not, there may be single root cause for all these health challenges – your adrenal health.

Your adrenal glands are located on top of each kidney. One of their jobs is to produce adrenaline. You probably think of adrenaline as the hormone that kicks in when you’re in a dangerous or highly stressful situation. Unfortunately, in today’s stress-filled world, our bodies often feel as though we are under attack. This causes the adrenal glands to become overworked, which creates adrenal fatigue. As your body recognizes the dysfunction in your adrenal glands, it initially tries to overcompensate by (ironically) pushing out even more adrenaline. The additional adrenaline can cause wired and tired feelings, bouts of anxiety, even panic attacks. If untreated, elevated adrenaline levels can lead to your body producing more cortisol, a stress hormone. Higher levels of cortisol can then lead to further sleep disruption, which makes it harder for your adrenal glands to rest.

It becomes a downward spiral.

Elevated cortisol levels also make it harder for your body to regulate blood sugar levels, leading to fluctuating energy levels and sugar cravings. It can also cause you to store more middle body fat. Another negative impact of elevated cortisol is down-regulated immune function, making it harder for your body to protect itself from sickness.

Poor adrenal health can also impact your tendons and ligaments. We call this condition “ligament lax.” Your tendons and ligaments don’t hold your bone structure as well as they should. Individuals with this condition experience easily pulled muscles or hip and back discomfort that is not relieved with regular chiropractic adjustments. If you feed great after getting a chiropractic adjustment, but the relief only lasts a day or two, your adrenal gland dysfunction may be impacting your ligaments.  

Staying on top of your adrenal health is a key factor in maintaining or improving quality of life, improving sleep, maintaining weight, and overall wellness. Regular maintenance checks can help measure your adrenal health and spot adrenal challenges before they become major issues.