Martin Johnson has spent nearly 30 years working with thousands of people in the area of clinical nutrition. In that time he has been taught, mentored and observed first hand many patterns of imbalance that will cause a wide range of symptoms, even when all the medical tests look completely “normal.” In this frequently asked questions section, Marty shares some of his most fascinating discoveries and most commonly asked questions.

Q. How can it be that I'm still having trouble losing weight even though I exercise regularly and I eat healthy?

Did you know that just like insulin resistance is another name to describe Type II Diabetes, there is a condition called weight loss resistance that describes an inability to lose weight, especially in all the areas that frustrate you most? Areas like the belly, behind the arms, and the upper back. For certain individuals, weight loss resistance will plague them despite their very best efforts with diet and exercise. In order to reverse this weight loss resistance, you must get to the source of the issue, before the body will release it’s fat stores to be burned as fuel. We liken weight loss resistance to a bank account. If you are weight loss resistant, your body does not rapidly access fat to burn as fuel, sort of like putting your money in a retirement account. It sits there and accumulates, but is not easily accessed for immediate usage. We want to use fat more like we use a checking account we can easily tap into when we need to burn fuel for energy. If you’ve said “enough is enough” and your ready to take the next step, call us for a now to schedule a no charge phone consult to help determine if we can be of assistance to you in your goal to take back your health.

Q. What is the best probiotic to take?


I recommend a probiotic with a potency of at least 20 billion and as high as 100 billion that contains multiple strains of beneficial bacteria. In addition, I never suggest sticking to one type of probiotic for more than two months at a time. Your intestines have many strains of good bacteria bugs and if you keep feeding the same strains of bacteria from one particular product, you will create a strain-specific imbalance in the intestine which can add to the original gut problems or imbalance. It is best to switch up the probiotics you take with different bacteria strain combinations, thus adding variety to your intestines to create a stronger environment, improving gut health along the way.

Q. What is the best multi-vitamin/mineral supplement to take?


Many multi-vitamin/mineral products on the market are synthetic, which means they are isolated, fractionated nutrients that are dead. Synthetic vitamin/mineral products are derived from a non-living substance in a lab. We recommend live, whole food multi-vitamin/minerals. These vitamins are derived from real food and put into a pill form.
Even though synthetic vitamins are a direct molecular match to what your body uses as nutrients, it is missing the enzymes and other co-factors found in real food. When you consume a synthetic vitamin, your body views it as an unrecognizable substance. This is definitely not the way nature intended it to be. In order to metabolize a synthetic vitamin, the body will sacrifice it's own enzymes and nutrient co-factors that are not present in the synthetic product. This means that the synthetic vitamin is actually causing other deficiencies and is counter productive to take in the long run. Because whole food vitamins already contain all the substances that real food contains, the body doesn't have to give anything up in order to metabolize it. This, of course, makes the whole food vitamin and mineral products we offer at Total Health a clear winner.

Q. Why doesn’t consuming calcium, magnesium, potassium or other minerals resolve my muscle cramps every time? If my muscles need more minerals, why wouldn’t this help?


Most of the time, muscle cramps are caused due to a lack of minerals, mostly calcium, magnesium or potassium in the cells of muscle tissue. If a person’s muscle cramps are not improving from regular consumption of these minerals, we need to look deeper at the root cause. One common issue we find with clients suffering with unresolved leg cramps is either a deficiency in key essential fatty acids or the inability to break down fats properly due to a liver that has become inefficient. You need to have a certain amount of fatty acids, good fat, in your blood stream in order to transfer calcium and other minerals efficiently to tissues such as your muscles. I typically suggest my clients take the correct type of fatty acid supplement for a week. If their muscle cramping improves, we can assume the root cause was simply a fatty acid deficiency. If it does not improve, we switch gears toward exploring the possibility that their body is having trouble breaking down fats efficiently. Then, we would have a client take a specially predigested fatty acid that comes from a beef liver source. Many times this will resolve the issue. Once that is resolved, we can go to work with liver and gallbladder cleansing, in order to help the body break down fats the way God intended. Always remember; if you really want to resolve a health issue, you must get to the root cause of the symptoms.

Q. How do I address sinus headaches and occasional sinus infections?


One of the most common things missed when addressing sinus issues is proper drainage. If the sinuses are not draining properly, you will get pressure backup which creates headaches and allows potential infection to brew up in the sinus cavities. There are a number of natural products that help the body to fight the infection. One option is colloidal silver. This product is available in a nasal spray and you can also take it orally. However, if proper drainage is not provided it can be very difficult to rid the body of infections. It’s like running the kitchen faucet wide open without the sink drain being able to keep up with emptying the sink fast enough. In not much time at all, things get messy. The same is true with your sinuses. If you have bacteria die causing waste, and your sinus cavities are not draining properly, you have more pain and discomfort. In our clinic, we help determine what drainage products may be the best based on an individual's symptoms. One of my personal favorite products is called Antronex. Antronex helps to drain the liver in such a way that in turn, allows for the sinus cavities to drain, thus allowing for pressure to decrease and waste by products from the infection to more readily clear out.

Q. Why do foods that never used to bother my digestion or give me allergy symptoms now seem to be a problem?


In the name of convenience and profits, mankind has come up with methods and products to preserve foods and increase crop growth and yield by genetically modifying seeds so they are more pest resistant. One such product, Roundup, is sprayed on crops by the millions of tons each year. This compound alone has a devastating effect on people’s intestines. An isolated compound called glyphosate, has been proven to cause your intestinal walls to become more permeable, allowing larger molecules of food and toxins into the blood stream, rather than just the micro nutrients. This condition is called leaky gut. As these food molecules pass into the blood stream, the immune system views it as a foreign substance, because it was never meant to be there, so the immune system goes after it, like a home owner would go after an intruder in the middle of the night. This immune response will cause inflammation and many times a histamine response, or as you may view it, an allergy response. This inflammatory response creates more leaky gut problems, and like a vicious cycle, keeps going, fueling more and more allergies to different foods or even environmental substances. There is a multi-therapeutic approach to this problem that if followed diligently, can work wonders for leaky gut, which most Americans have on some level. You can have a leaky gut for years before you recognize any symptoms. This is why preventative care is so important. I like to say “fix it before it breaks.” It’s much cheaper that way both physically and monetarily.


What qualities do I look for when choosing a vitamin D product?


Whether it is made in the skin or ingested, Vitamin D3 is metabolized in the liver so it can be used in its active form, 25 hyroxychole-calciferol. Our liver deals with a massive onslaught of toxic exposure due to chemicals in our food supply and overall environment. For this reason, it is a good idea to support the liver in its detox mechanisms. This helps to ensure optimal nutrient metabolism. Another major consideration for optimal benefit from Vitamin D supplementation is to make sure your Vitamin D supplement includes Vitamin K2. Vitamin D provides improved bone development by helping you absorb calcium. There is new evidence that Vitamin K2 directs the calcium to your skeleton, while preventing it from being deposited where you don’t want it, such as in your organs (kidney stones), joint spaces, and arteries. A large part of arterial plaque consists of calcium deposits (atherosclerosis), hence the term “hardening of the arteries.” We recommend taking a Vitamin D supplement containing liver and kidney support along with Vitamin K2 and at minimum Vitamin D3 with K2.