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1. Food Sensitivity Podcast

Listen in as Marty Johnson explains why people develop food sensitivities, allergies, and gut problems.  


3. Digestion Podcast

In this episode Marty Johnson helps you understand what may cause the discomfort that many people have with dealing with digestion issues. 

5. Digestive issues like nausea, and dry skin, hair, and nails

Do you have digestion issues like nausea, or bloating? Listen in as Marty Johnson explains why this is the case.  

Thyroid Podcast

7. Thyroid Health Part 2

Marty Johnson explains why Thyroid medication doesn't work. How the real problem is usually Autoimmune related and why this is happening. Also, the reasoning behind Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, Colitis, Lupus, and Crohn's disease. 

9. Healing Digestive Problems 

Listen as Marty Johnson explains what Total Health recommends to heal digestive issues, and why it helps with an explanation on how the large intestine works. 

Marty Johnson's Story

2. Marty Johnson's Story

Listen in as you hear how Marty Johnson started his health transformation over 25 years ago, and why he is so passionate about giving as many people the hope of better health too.

4. Why do I have Bloating and Gas discomfort?

Listen in as Marty Johnson explains to us how to resolve some common digestion issues that many people have that can be related to our gallbladder. 

6. Thyroid Health

Listen in as Marty Johnson explains 3 reasons why you may be having thyroid symptoms that your Doctor may have not told you. Why your blood work can look normal and you still don't feel well.

Small Intestine

8. How the Small Intestine Helps with Digestion 

Listen as Marty Johnson explains how the small intestine works to absorb food, and how inflammation occurs leading to chronic illnesses. 

10. The Huge Problem with Toxins & How to Detox 

Listen in as Marty Johnson helps you understand why toxins are becoming a huge problem and how they effect your health. Plus, advice on how to properly detox. 

11. Difference Between Naturopathic and Regular Medicine

Listen in as Marty Johnson helps you have a deeper understanding on the difference between a Naturopath and a Regular Medicine Practitioner. Learn how a Naturopath can more effectively help with ongoing illnesses. 

Adrenal Glands

13. Adrenal Health

Listen in as Marty Johnson explains the importance of adrenal health for many vital functions, what causes them to stay in survival mode, and the problems they cause. Marty says 90% of his patients have problems with their adrenals. 

15. What is Neurofeedback? And How It Works.

Listen in as Marty Johnson interviews the Neurofeedback Practitioners from Total Health. Get to know why Total Health has this service, how it works, and how it can help people with ADHD, anxiety, depression, brain injury, migraines, seizures, chronic pain, addiction, and more.

17. Anti-Aging Skin Care

Listen in as Marty Johnson from Total Health Nutrition Center talks about a plant base cream that will help with anti-aging. It has been shown to improve wrinkles, smoothness of the skin, renewal, radiance, and hydration.

19. CBD Oil

Listen in as Marty Johnson explains why and how CBD provides health benefits, what the criteria is for the products we sell at Total Health, and the importance of healthy fats (plus lab test), and the necessity of them when using CBD Oil. 

21. Natural Products for Anxiety

Listen in as Marty Johnson, founder of Total Health Nutrition Center, discusses products to combat anxiety naturally. 

23.  Paige's Story with Natural Ways to Combat Autoimmune Disorders

Listen in as Paige Welsh, from Total Health Nutrition Center tells her story on how she combated her autoimmune condition. Hear her practical advice on how she reduced her triggers and how she got her health back on track.

25. Total Health Nutrition Center Store

Join both Marty Johnson and Christian Olson as they talk about what makes Total Health Nutrition Center Store stand out from the other health stores out there.  

27. Reasons Why It Is Hard to Lose Weight 

Listen in as Marty Johnson explains the common reasons why people struggle to lose weight, and how we can improve those health issues to make weight loss easier.  

12. Advanced Fascial Counterstrain to Relieve Pain

Listen in as Marty Johnson interviews the newest addition to the Total Health team- Janell Strupp PT, CPI. Hear how she can outsmart pain and dysfunction with advance fascial counterstrain. With this technique people have found relieve from pain stemming from multiple dysfunctions within the body, including acute or chronic neck pain, back pain, headache, shoulder, knee or hip pain.  

Adrenal Glands

14. Adrenal Health Part 2 

Listen as Marty Johnson explains the tests we can provide at Total Health to determine if a person has adrenal problems, and how to properly address the adrenal problems so the body can heal itself. 

16. Cholesterol

Listen in as Marty Johnson explains the different blood work markers that you get when you have your cholesterol checked. Plus, what they mean and what kind of numbers you really should be looking for. In addition, Marty shares natural solutions to address underlying problems. 

18. Potential Hidden Causes of Headaches or Migraines

Listen in to Marty Johnson's latest podcast about the different reasons why people suffer from frequent headaches. You may be surprised by some of the answers.  

20. The Power of Protein

Listen in as Marty Johnson shares surprising information on how many people lack protein, or the proper proteins their body needs to function optimally. Many proteins are not converted into body proteins providing the amino acids that are essential for the body. Find out symptoms to see if you are deficient.

22. Natural Products for Pain Relief 

Listen in as Marty Johnson talks about natural products for managing pain, and what to combine them with for more effective results. 

24. Long-Term Effects of Stress & How to Manage It 

Listen in as Paige Welsh helps you understand what stress does to the body, the reasons why this happens, and the long term effects of not managing it. Learn practical ways to manage stress that are easy to do on your own.

Read the 7 Minute Workout
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26. Physical Therapy (Fascial Counterstrain) Testimonial 

Listen to Janell Strupp, Physical Therapist and Fascial Counterstrain Specialist at Total Health Nutrition Center, interview Bonnie about how Fascial Counterstrain improved her debilitating pain when nothing else helped.