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At Total Health, you’ll get the help you need to shop with confidence. Because our store and clinic are in the same building, our retail staff are highly trained and our practitioners spend time on the sales floor. When you shop at Total Health, you’ll never feel overwhelmed and you’ll always get reliable answers to your questions.

We require independent lab analysis proving purity and truth in labeling for the products we stock. We are strong believers in offering whole food, non-synthetic vitamin and minerals for optimum absorption. We do not carry products or foods with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and we source our products locally whenever possible.

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Iron Free Chewable Vitamin Mineral 180cp

Iron free, vegetarian vitamin mineral with antioxidants. Fruit Flavor

Regular $36.99



Terry naturally

Low Back Formula 60cp

Flexibility, Mobility, comfort

Targeted ingredients especially for supporting your lower back

Regular $43.99 for 1

$43.99 for 2

SAVE $43.99

New Chapter

Coenzyme B Food complex 90tb

Whole Food cultured B vitamins for energy and nervous system support. One per day dose. Can be taken on an empty stomach

Regular $77.99


SAVE $18

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