Thu, Mar 22, 6:00 PM | FREE | Total Health

Natural Approaches to Thyroid, Weight Loss & Chronic Fatigue

Seminar Presenter: Marty Johnson, DHM

Surprising answers to what Thyroid Imbalance, Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue and Weight loss resistance all have in common.

Hint: Typically, their root causes are the same! So are their solutions.

You will likely learn things you’ve never been told before about the common threads that perpetuate these conditions and steps you can take immediately to start impacting your health for the better.

Learn how you can be weight loss resistant even with your very best efforts with diet and exercise, and what can be done about it.

Learn about why your blood work can look completely normal, but you still experience thyroid symptoms.

Learn why the same contributors to weight loss resistance also impact insulin resistance in diabetics

Learn why up to 80% of thyroid conditions are actually autoimmune relate, and why you may not have been tested for it.

This list of symptoms vary, from life altering fatigue, sudden weight gain, hair loss, Trouble sleeping, premature wrinkles, hot flashes.

It’s not all in your head.

Get real answers.